Why people are coming...

  • Entertainment with depth and direct access to creative culture.
  • Showcase of innovation, new products and ideas.
  • Opportunities to try new tech and tools.
  • Inspiration and opportunities for their children.
  • Jaw-dropping large scale art and entertainment.
  • Hear from a wide range of thought leaders.

Who you reach at Maker Faire Shanghai?

  • Makers - early adopters & tech vanguard consumers.
  • Engaged families wanting hands-on experiences.
  • Influencers and high profile attendees. 
  • Educators and administrators embracing innovative arts and the power or project based learning in and out of the classroom. 
  • Start-Up's
  • Corporate brands.

Why you should be at Maker Faire Shanghai 

Showcase new products and innovations to influencers in an experiential and buzz worthy setting

Access to an engaged and influential audience

Show thought leadership and support around the future of innovation, workforce development and education

Major media outlets in attendance